“I have been so lucky to be thought by Kristina from Tiny Posers Photography. I came to her studio in April and had an amazing experience to watch her working. Kristina’s style is all about baby, very pure, organic and very simple!Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with me!” Sarah xx

“Thank you for being an open book. I never expected to learn that much! You are an amazing person, and I deeply enjoyed every second of  that day.” Caroline 

“I highly recommend Kristina’s mentoring session! She is truly gifted. I was amazed at her patience and ability when working with newborns. She is an open book, she shared lots of tips and tricks….priceless! Thank you Kristina!” Beth

"The connection that you share with your clients is admirable. You thought me about capturing the ‘story’ rather than just pose, pose and pose.You have a special talent and I thank you for sharing it. The biggest thing I’ve taken away from my mentoring session is that I need to value my work before others will. Thank you.” Stephanie

“I left my mentoring session feeling so much more confident in working with newborns.  From how to calm and soothe them, to positioning them safely, transitioning to and from each setup, and perfecting the details. I don’t have to stress and worry about my newborn sessions anymore. I know, that I can deliver a beautiful images to every client. To anyone considering a mentoring session with Kristina, I can’t recommend her enough. Newborn photography can be very overwhelming and a bit confusing, but when I left Kristina’s studio, I completely felt like she had provided me with all the information I needed.” Donna